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Innovation and Advanced Online Trading Solutions

CCCLLs proprietary iTrading platform was developed with the objective to provide a fast, efficient and reliable platform for CCCLLs customers. iTrading is now one of the most innovative and revolutionary online FX trading platform in the market today. CCCLL offers clients complete solutions in foreign exchange trading, the experienced management staff ensures constant high liquidity and dealing facilities in the most volatile of markets and the iTrading platform provides all necessary tools for clients to easily access the foreign exchange market.

Key Features

X Instant Executions
X NO Requotes
X NO Slippage
X Interbank dealing spreads
X Steaming Executable Quotes
X FREE Charting package
X FREE Real-time news
X Real-time account and position tracking
X 24/7 Platform Access
X Multi-lingual platform
X Multi-currency accounts
X Simultaneous multiple account access